Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Carbon fibre heralds in cars of the future

Cars and aeroplanes in the near future could be lighter, stronger, safer, and more energy efficient with the use of carbon fibre materials currently in development by material scientists in Victoria.

The development could see a new generation of cars and aeroplanes with lower energy consumption and improved safety, scientists say.

“There are enormous benefits in converting steel and aluminium parts in cars to lighter materials, especially in fuel savings,” said lead researcher Bronwyn Fox of Deakin University's Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation.

“Using carbon fibre composites produces lighter cars. Lighter cars are more fuel-efficient. Carbon fibre has a higher stiffness to weight ratio than steel, but it also absorbs more energy per kilogram, with the potential to make cars lighter and safer," he said.

More information is available from Deakin University's press release.

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